The Eighth Continent is a unique collection of our planet’s purest waters and rarest indigenous ingredients revered for thousands of years and harvested from the most remote regions of the world. Close your eyes and let your imagination unfold as you dip into 24 Karat Gold.

ME! Bath® has created for you a once in a lifetime experience. This made-to-order bath treatment is artisan crafted and formulated from a secret recipe that can only be achieved through a precise eight week process. Allow ME! Bath® to help you commence your journey…..


Arctic. White. Pure. Vacant. The water in this treatment is unique and expensive! Water that started its voyage over 15,000 years ago in the ancient glaciers of the polar ice cap is blended with desalinated 100% certified Hawaiian Deep Sea Water sourced 3,000 feet below the ocean surface off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. Surrender to perpetual clarity. Around you is nothing more than peaceful isolation. Beneath you is only the vapor of your thoughts. All that surrounds you is the comfort of your being. Your reservation to this private sanctuary lies ahead.

While your body embraces these pristine therapeutic minerals, your mind saunters through the timeless desert. Deep in the Hadramaut Mountains of the Southwestern Arabian Peninsula under a sheltering painted sky, the rare Sidr Honey can be found. Said to be the single most expensive honey in the world, Sidr Honey is harvested only twice a year. The honey is made from bees who feast on the pollen of the Sidr tree, considered by many to be a holy tree and one of the most resilient, ancient species in the area. With an intoxicating amount of antioxidants, this pure and unrefined honey helps to heal and cleanse the body, while moisturizing the skin. As the honey does its magic, notes of White Grapefruit, Lotus Flower and Passion Fruit, mingle in the air with the incense of Sycamore Wood. The fresh sparkling aroma transports you to the famous flora in the Nile Garden. Passage of time has no meaning as you drift into this sea of scents.

Peruvian Pink Salt, crystallized in natural springs located 10,000 feet above sea level, begin to melt and release their elixir. This salt has been hand-cropped for over 2,000 years. The crystals have high moisture content and a light pink color, which gives the bath water a pink shimmer while moisturizing the skin. Tango with this South American crimson collage and imagine an evening of unparalleled passion.

Now that you’ve settled into a suspended state of peace, an assortment of the most extraordinary moisturizing butters and oils will engulf your body and bring your skin back to a time of youth.

Illipe Butter is born from the world’s third largest island and one of the Earth’s last undiscovered frontiers. Borneo, located at the centre of Maritime Southeast Asia, hosts this butter that is renowned for its moisturizing properties and remarkable ability to restore elasticity to the skin. For centuries, the exotic luxury has been the most beneficial cosmetic to the native people of Borneo who hand-make this therapeutic cream from Illipe nuts that have fallen from their trees. Murumuru Butter, which is carefully grown from a palm on clayey soils native to the Amazon Rain Forest vegetation in Brazil, is cold pressed from the edible fruit of the Murumuru tree. This natural butter is a powerful emollient for skincare and anti-aging. It has a light amber color and natural earthen aroma. Its richness in oleic acid provides nutrition and unparalleled hydration to the skin and scalp. Kokum Butter is skillfully extracted from the fruit kernels of the Kokam tree which grows in the central eastern region of India. Due to the level of essential fatty acids, this creamy butter is unsurpassed in aiding in cell oxygenation. Israeli Jojoba Oil is 100% certified organic and is the highest quality jojoba oil available in the world. It is naturally grown from jojoba beans under strict supervision and constant inspection in the Negev farmlands of Israel. Helping to promote healing of the skin, this lubricant acts as a natural moisturizer as it most resembles the natural oil that the human skin produces. It also creates a barrier for the skin to protect against environmental distresses.

Now that your body and mind have been reborn, let one of the most revered and valuable elements found on our planet engulf you in majestic royalty….Pure 24-karat gold rises to the surface of your very own Eden, adding an opulent property that firms the skin and gives the body a radiant glow. Throughout history, gold has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying agent. Cleopatra would sleep every night with a pure gold face mask in order to maintain youthful skin. Gold salves were used in ancient Rome for the treatment of a variety of skin problems. The queen of the Ch’ing dynasty in ancient China used a gold massage roller on her face every day. Golden facials were the basis for the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda. Do as the goddesses and royalty have done before you and Lavish in an ocean of yellow…..


A large portion of the proceeds from each sale of The Eighth Continent will be donated to a selected charity that helps to provide clean water to disadvantaged third world countries.

The Eighth Continent: ‘The World’s Most Expensive Bath’ can be custom ordered by calling (310) 338-1490 with pricing starting at $50,000. The price varies depending on whether the purchaser would like to have the experience created by ME! Bath® in their own home or in a spa environment. It will be delivered in a beautifully handcrafted Sterling Silver masterpiece designed by the finest silver craftsmen from Israel.

If ‘The World’s Most Expensive Bath’ is out of one’s price range – do not worry! Those with smaller budgets can also enjoy the delicious decadence of ME! Bath Ice Cream®. Visit to purchase or to find a retailer or spa nearby. Each handcrafted 100% preservative-free ME! Bath Ice Cream® is made right here in the United States and contains certified organic oils, including Jojoba Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. ME! Bath Ice Cream® takes three days to create and releases purifying scents and minerals when submerged in bathwater, generating soft, hydrated and reenergized skin.